Employee bikes

Company bikes from us through all the most well-known company bike operators. Vapaus, Oomi electric bike, GoByBike, 3StepIT Oy, etc. Ask us more if you are looking to get a work bike.

We handle the entire process for you. You choose a suitable electric bike and we take care of the paperwork and invoicing. Easy!

An employee bicycle is a bicycle employee benefit offered by the employer, which can be used for work and leisure trips. This benefit is tax-free up to a certain limit, promoting financial attractiveness.


  • Tax Benefits : The employee bicycle benefit is tax-free up to a certain limit.
  • Health : Increases employees' physical activity and can reduce sickness absences.
  • Environmental friendliness : Reduces the carbon footprint.
  • Commuting : Speeds up and facilitates travel in urban areas.


  • For the employer :

    • Improves employer image and employee commitment.
    • Reduces parking costs and other expenses related to work trips.
    • Supports environmental responsibility.
  • For the employee :

    • Makes it possible to purchase a high-quality bike at an affordable price.
    • More exercise opportunities.
    • Offers a flexible and ecological mode of transportation.

Employee bikes promote health, well-being and sustainable development, bringing fiscal and financial benefits to both employers and employees.