750 W electric bikes

750W electric bikes are sold all over the world, but currently availability in Finland is still scarce. Sähköpyöryat.net is among the first to have more powerful 750 watt electric bikes in its selection.

The technology of the bike is otherwise similar to that of the 250 watt electric bikes on sale, the only difference is the motor power, which is three times that of traditional electric bikes. Above all, a cyclist riding on varied terrain needs torque and power from the engine.

Electric bikes with more than 250 watts have significantly different legal requirements. If the electric bicycle has more than 250 watts, the maximum power of the motor-equipped bicycle (L1e-a) must not exceed 1000 W, the motor can work without pedaling, but it must switch off when the speed reaches 25 km/h. L1e-a class electric bikes need traffic insurance, the price varies by insurance company, around 8-10 euros per month, so the cost is not too high. You can find out more about the current legislation on Trafi's website.

750-watt electric bikes are expected to become more common during 2023-2024, and there will certainly be more new operators on the market. Sähköpyöryat.net is one of the first to sell high-quality 750-watt electric bikes, so make sure you have a go-go game that will keep you going and overcome even the toughest obstacles. You can find the selection of 750 watt electric bikes here 750w electric bikes.