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Why is it worthwhile to get a company bicycle?

17 May 2024 0 Comments

Why is it worthwhile to get a company bicycle?

Employee bicycle means a bicycle or electric bicycle provided by the employer, which the employee can use for work trips and also for private purposes. In Finland, company bicycles have gained popularity partly because the tax advantages obtained from them make them an attractive option for both employers and employees.

Tax benefits

  • Tax exemption : The benefit obtained from the use of the company bicycle is tax-free up to 1,200 euros per year. This means that the employee does not pay tax on benefits whose value is below this amount.
  • VAT deduction : The employer can deduct the VAT from the purchase price of the employee bicycle, which lowers costs.

    Employer benefits

    • Work well-being : Work bikes can improve the well-being and health of employees, which can lead to reduced sickness absences and better work efficiency.
    • Responsibility : Providing bicycles can improve the company's reputation as an environmentally friendly and responsible employer.
    • Competitive advantage : Employee bikes can be an attractive advantage in recruiting and engaging staff.

    Employee benefits

    • Cost savings : Getting a company bike through your employer can be cheaper than buying it yourself, especially thanks to the tax exemption.
    • Ease of movement : Traveling to work by bike can be faster and more convenient, especially in congested cities.
    • Health benefits : Cycling adds exercise to everyday life, which improves physical condition and health.

    How the employment cycle arrangement works

    1. Acquisition : The employer acquires a bicycle or electric bicycle and offers it to the employee.
    2. Agreement : The employer and the employee agree on the terms of use of the employee bicycle, such as whether the bicycle can also be used during free time.
    3. Deductions : The employer can make a VAT deduction from the purchase price of the bike.
    4. Use advantage : The employee gets to use the bike and can benefit from it up to tax exemption.


    Employee bikes offer significant benefits to both employers and employees. They can improve work well-being, promote environmental friendliness and act as an attractive employee benefit. In Finland, tax breaks make company bicycles a particularly profitable option.

    We offer electric bikes through the following bicycle partners:

    Employment cycle partners

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